About The Owner - Nikki

Hi! I’m Nikki, the Owner of The Bella Faccia Collection. I’m an Air Force veteran (proudly served 12 years active duty).

I’m also currently an on-air radio personality (part-time now). I’ve hosted radio shows across the country for 15 years full-time.

I put myself through grad school at the same time I was working full-time doing my radio shows. Currently, I am a Director at a Non-Profit veteran organization where we help veterans transition back into the civilian workforce. I love it!

I started The Bella Faccia Collection skin care line as a side job (I love to work!). I named my company after my dog Bella (she’s a rescue and I got her when she was 8 weeks old). She’s now 5 years old!  

I use all my products I sell. I wouldn’t put my name on any products I don’t personally believe in and I believe in my skincare line. I hope you enjoy your stay on my site and try my products. I think you’ll be pleased as my customers are telling me how pleased they are using my products.

Thanks again for coming to my website.

Keep Smiling,

Owner, The Bella Faccia Collection